Building A Prosperous Community

Sharing a vision of Lancaster County being “a model of prosperity for 21st century America,” The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Lancaster County Community Foundation, United Way of Lancaster County and the County of Lancaster formed a partnership in 2011 to develop a program to monitor how the county is doing in realizing this vision. The program evolved into a prosperity indicators project called Building A Prosperous Community. LNP Media Group, Inc. joined as a media partner in 2014 to help raise awareness of the community’s work on the indicators.

The project is designed to…

  • Provide a benchmark of the county’s current state
  • Identify the areas that most deserve the community’s attention as we work toward prosperity
  • Monitor the progress that is made in achieving our vision for the community.

This report presents the fifth update of the set of indicators. To put the findings in perspective, indicators are shown for multiple years and, where appropriate, comparisons are made to the state of Pennsylvania and adjacent counties.

The report continues to be used by the community and organizations as the basis for discussions on where we are, where we want to go, and how to get there. The findings are the foundation for program actions and policies designed to move Lancaster County closer to the goal of being a model of prosperity.

We are excited to share this update of Lancaster County’s Prosperity Indicators with the community.